Project Details

Architect: GMR Interiors Project Value: $20 Million

  • Architect:
    GMR Interiors
  • Project Value:
    $20 Million

Project Details

The Watson apartment complex is the epitome of elegance with contemporary homes, jaw-dropping views, finishes and details. Built in the 1960s, there was an extensive use of asbestos which took a lot of hard work and health precautions by the developer to remove before reinstallation/remodelling commenced. Rondo has provided extensive technical support since the initiation of the project, providing Rondo Steel Stud and KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling Systems to the $120 million development.

The Watson has also been constructed adjacent to another Rondo project, the new Woolworths Shopping Centre which was completed in April this year and is now open for trading. The $20 million project which is headlined by Woolworths and GMR Interiors, has had Rondo KEY-LOCK® Suspended Ceiling Systems, Steel Stud and DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling Systems provided to cover the 10,000m2 area.

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