Working at Judah®

“The best single asset that a company can have in producing at a profit is the contentment and welfare of the working people”

Judah® Building Services is a market leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of interior wall and ceiling systems in USA and Canada.  Our people are our greatest asset, our customers are our focus, and our teams pursue excellence and market leadership in everything we do.

Judah® offers employees a range of attractive benefits to create a supportive working environment where people want to belong.

Judah® has a strong commitment to the personal development of Judah employees and their immediate family with an offer to apply for a grant annually that will enhance their mind and further their development.

Judah® encourages all employees to better themselves through extra training courses and will often pay for, or reimburse the cost of the course where relevant to the employees current or future function in the business.

Judah® is an equal opportunity employer and fosters a culture of Safety, Integrity and Accountability.

Where possible, Judah® employees and their managers are encouraged to work together to identify flexible work practices that suit both the needs of the individual and business.
As part of our commitment to the community, Judah® provides support to staff wishing to participate in community service activities through the provision of additional leave types.

As a token of appreciation, long services awards are handed out to individuals achieving key milestones at an annual presentation by Judah® Group General Manager.

Judah® conducts an annual wage review to ensure salaries are current, relative to the market and to comparable internal positions.
Judah® employees and their immediate families have access to a free professional counseling service.
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