The Judah EXANGLE® range has been developed over 45 years by our team of experienced R&D Engineers and in close consultation with our customers.

Our philosophy of providing our customers with only the best product design ensures that both our interior and exterior range of drywall, render and texture beads are manufactured to assist contractors in obtaining a strong, straight, knock-resistant corner with a superior finish that lasts.

The lower profile nib on our P01 External Corner Bead reduces the amount of compound build-up on the corner, and our shadowline beads can create the impression of greater ceiling heights whilst helping to hide imperfections in the abutting walls.

To add strength and eliminate cracking of the internal corner, our P18 Internal Corner Bead can be used and in high trafficable areas of commercial buildings, such as hospitals, schools and public buildings; bullnose corner beads are often installed to achieve rounded corners

EXANGLE® Plastering Beads
This range of metal drywall beads gives plasterers a clean, defined edge on straight or curved details for internal building board applications.
EXANGLE® Render & Texture Beads
Designed for render and texture applications where a straight, defined edge is to be achieved, with finishing sections available for both internal and external installations.
INSPIRE® Architectural Plastering Beads
The Judah® INSPIRE® Architectural Plastering Beads range includes our End Cap and Reveal Beads for modern and flush finishes.
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