Judah® ceiling systems are highly innovative and of superior quality, with both concealed grid or exposed grid options, we have a solution available to meet acoustic, fire-rated, wind loading and seismic design requirements. From a ceiling system with the grid either concealed or exposed, directly-fixed to the structure above or suspended, through to trafficable ceilings, Judah® has everything you might need. When you can’t stand seeing unsightly services or when you need to reduce sound transmitted through the floor, the expertly engineered ceiling designs from Judah® will perform well.

Judah® ceiling system products can be used for a large range of installations to make acoustics better, conceal services such as fire sprinklers, air conditioning ducts and electric cabling, and to create a more aesthetically pleasing building. To get the best possible finish, it doesn’t have to just be functional, it must also look great.

A ceiling can be installed by directly fixing it to the structure above, using Furring Channels or Ceiling Battens, or by suspending it. If a suspension depth of more than 8″ is required, Judah® recommends a fully suspended ceiling.

Judah® ceiling systems are designed and manufactured to comply with all relevant standards and codes, and our technical teams are experienced in their fields and know what product would suit each application the best.

Ceiling SystemConcealed or Exposed Grid SystemDirect Fix or Suspended Ceiling ApplicationsFire-Rated ApplicationsAcoustic Designs AvailableSeismic Designs AvailableBulkhead Designs Available
Judah Direct Fix®ConcealedDirect Fix & SuspendedYESYESYESYES
Judah Concealed®ConcealedDirect Fix & SuspendedYESYESYESYES
Steel StudConcealedDirect FixYESYESYES
T-Bar®ExposedDirect Fix & SuspendedYESYES
Judah Exposed®ExposedDirect Fix & SuspendedYESYESYES

What makes Judah® stand out from the rest?

Judah® ceiling systems were the first in The U.S, and we have a long history of being ahead of the rest when it comes to innovation. People around the world have recognized this, and used Judah® products in some of the world’s most advanced buildings. From the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the Venetian in Macau, Judah® stands up as a high quality ceiling systems supplier.

Technical expertise and a 10-year warranty mean with Judah®, we have you covered. Judah® is also a member of the Environmental Sustainability Charter Group, and contractors can earn their projects a green point if more than 60 per cent of products used in an installation are from a member organization, such as ourselves.

For all of your innovative ceiling system needs, Judah® has the best solutions available.

Judah® Suspended Ceiling System

Our most popular and superior ceiling system. Available in suspended applications, it produces a high-quality structure that has the ability to hold multiple layers of board, can be used in both fire-rated and non-fire-rated environments, as well as being suitable for acoustic, bulkhead and seismic designs.

Judah® Direct Fix Ceiling System
Our most popular and superior ceiling system. Available in direct-fix, it produces a high-quality structure that has the ability to hold multiple layers of board, can be used in both fire-rated and non-fire-rated environments, as well as being suitable for acoustic and bulkhead designs.
Drywall Grid Ceiling System

The Judah® Drywall Grid Ceiling System is light-weight and simple to install. The Main Tee and Cross Tee connection uses the same patented QRC clip technology that is known and preferred by installers. With an ability to be used in acoustic, seismic and fire-rated applications, the Judah Xpress® Drywall Grid Ceiling System offers design flexibility for flush plasterboard ceilings, bulkheads and boxed soffits.

Judah T-Bar® Exposed Grid Ceiling System

Expertly engineered for fast assembly on site, Cross Tees positively lock into each other through the Main Tee to create a sturdy exposed grid ceiling system. Seismic Designs that have been fully tested to meet code requirements are available.

Exposed Grid Ceiling System

The Judah® Exposed Grid Ceiling System includes the popular 24mm face grid and the more slimline 5/8″ face grid option to give designers an alternative grid appearance and installers a system they already know.

WALK-ABOUT™ Trafficable Ceiling System
Our strongest ceiling system. It provides a framework onto which a trafficable platform can be installed in the plenum area above ceilings, for safe and secure access to services.
Steel studs may be used as ceiling joists, especially in situations where it is difficult to install a suspended ceiling. Typical applications would be corridors, bathrooms or open roof areas.
Aluminium Grid Ceiling System

An aluminium alternative to the T-Bar® Exposed Grid Ceiling System, the Main Tee and Cross Tee intersection is a butt joint which provides a flat, ghost free surface into which the ceiling tiles are fitted.

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