Project Details

  • Builder:
    BADGE Constructions (WA) Pty Ltd
  • Contractor:
    Red Oak Contracts PTY LTD
  • Architect:
    Hames Sharley Architects
  • Location:
    Mosman Park, WA
  • Project Value:
    $4 Million

Project Details

Located in Western Australia, the Mosman Park Shopping Centre began construction in April 2018, and a short seven months later it was complete. The shopping centre redevelopment was built by ‘BADGE Constructions (WA) Pty Ltd and uniquely borders both the Indian Ocean on its western edge, and the stunning shores of the Swan River on its eastern outskirts. The $4 Million-dollar redevelopment saw a new two storey add on with multiple inclusions.

Mosman Park is one of Perth’s finest locations, small industrial and commercial activity complements a diverse range of development, including some of the most exclusive property development in WA. Judah Steel was very proud to be involved with this project, providing engineered designs and the supply chain was via Judah Steel’s Partner Network Distributor, Johns Building Supplies. The Contractor ‘Red Oak Contracts PTY LTD’ have been on board with Judah Steel distributer Johns Building Supplies for 2 years now, and they continue to choose Judah Steel due to their relationship, technical support and product quality.

Judah Steel provided Red Oak Contracts PTY LTD with the external wall, soffit and bulkhead designs which were submitted to BADGE and Hames Sharley Architects for approval. Judah Steel’s technical team highlight the quality of workmanship on this project, especially when comparing the designs to the finished installation. The stock was supplied on time and accurate with Judah Steel working with all parties throughout this project which is a credit to all involved.

The Ground floor includes 5 new sizable retail spaces (385sq m) a lobby, 31 offsite car parking bays and building service areas. The first floor included one large office space (700sq m) as well as alfresco dining, 2 restaurants, 3 reconfigured retail spaces, a lobby, restrooms, accessible toilet, storage bins, walkway and a service area and loading dock. The Mosman Park Shopping Centre will provide more employment in the area and space for business.

Judah Steel products used on this project

DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System

Expertly engineered for fast assembly on site, Cross Tees positively lock into each other through the Main Tee to create a sturdy exposed grid ceiling system. Seismic Designs that have been fully tested to meet code requirements are available.

Steel Stud & Track Wall Framing System

Light-weight steel stud and track drywall framing for internal plasterboard wall systems and specific external wall applications.

PANTHER® Access Panel

Whether you need a standard Access Panel, or a specialised architectural panel, PANTHER® Access Panels are the perfect choice.

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