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    Dubai, UAE

Judah-RONDO – has supplied an external soffit ceiling frame for the Dubai Metro Station project. The Green Line of the Dubai Metro is the second Dubai Metro light rail line in Dubai. The route starts in Al Ghusais, and runs along Al Nahda Rd and Salahuddin Rd above ground. The Green line runs through Deira and Bur Dubai and generally runs parallel to Dubai Creek.

The Green line will consist of 8 underground stations, 12 elevated stations and 1 Depot. The Green Line metro covers 8 kilometers under the ground, 15 kilometers on the ground. Judah-RONDO’s external soffit ceiling frame will be used for 6 nos of elevated station along the green line.

Judah Steel products used on this project

Walk About Trafficable Ceiling System

Our strongest ceiling system. It provides a framework onto which a trafficable platform can be installed in the plenum area above ceilings, for safe and secure access to services.

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