Project Details

  • Builder:
    Lend Lease
  • Contractor:
  • Architect:
    Architectus Brisbane, Guymer Bailey Architects
  • Location:
    Brisbane, Queensland
  • Project Value:
    $570 Million

Project Details

Judah Steel has worked alongside award winning NWCI on the Brisbane Supreme Court House based in central Brisbane since 2008. The $570million project crosses both traditional and modern features off their list, remaining true to their heritage whilst tying in the new wave of environmentally friendly and sustainably efficient buildings.

The 19 storey building that covers 60,000m2 in central Brisbane is now home to Judah Steel QUIET STUD®, Top Hats, Steel Stud framing, KEY-LOCK® ceiling systems, resilient channels, Acoustic Clips and Access Panels which includes a specially designed corrugated Metal Face Access Panel.

The award winning project is unique in Australia, with the co-location of the Supreme Court and District Court providing significant operating efficiencies through the use of shared facilities. In other states, these courts are physically separate which often leads to wasteful duplication of functions and services.

The new building provides 45 courtrooms, accommodation for 68 judges, mediation rooms, secure public garden, Supreme Court library, cell block and chambers – just to name a few of the facilities available.

Judah Steel products used on this project

KEY-LOCK® Suspended Ceiling System

Our most popular and superior ceiling system. Available in suspended applications, it produces a high-quality structure that has the ability to hold multiple layers of board, can be used in both fire-rated and non-fire-rated environments, as well as being suitable for acoustic, bulkhead and seismic designs.

Steel Stud & Track Wall Framing System

Light-weight steel stud and track drywall framing for internal plasterboard wall systems and specific external wall applications.

PANTHER® Access Panel

Whether you need a standard Access Panel, or a specialised architectural panel, PANTHER® Access Panels are the perfect choice.

Quiet Stud® Acoustic Wall System

Its unique design means that it provides a more acoustic efficient wall system than a normal steel stud, and has a smaller footprint than alternative staggered stud installations.

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