Project Details

  • Builder:
    Leighton Builders and Contractors
  • Contractor:
    Precision Interior Walls and Ceilings
  • Architect:
    Richard Kirk Architects
  • Location:
    South Brisbane, Queensland
  • Project Value:
    $70 million

Project Details

Environmental sustainability was the key design element behind the new ABC Studios project. This unique project features 125 different wall types and 25 different ceilings which are located over four floors. Diverse wall and ceiling designs are exciting, but when it comes to installation they are somewhat more challenging. There were numerous factors that needed to be considered which required technical support from Judah Steel on acoustic control, varying wall heights and load bearing in walls. One of the feature rooms is the MPS room, where the Queensland symphony orchestra will rehearse and perform. The MPS room required a large amount of design work to be provided, such as; high acoustic wall framing which needed to be independent from the external structure, load bearing applications, wall heights of over 10 metres, lining weights consisting of multiple layers of MDF, plasterboard and feature timber wall panelling systems.

Judah Steel was able to provide a solution to suit the projects’ specific design criteria by using readily available materials and technical support. The wall framing for the MPS room consisted of over 31m of 150mm Steel Stud and Track, including noggings. This area also required the installation of the Judah Steel MAXIframe® External Wall Framing System and Judah Steel KEY-LOCK® suspended ceiling systems. Due to Judah Steel’s speedy response with regards to technical enquiries as well as the product guarantees and assurance, this project benefited from the use of our lightweight systems to achieve the complex design criteria.

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